ASUS has today announced the second generation ZenWatch, called the ZenWatch 2. ZenWatch 2 also runs on Android Wear and comes with a digital crown similar to Apple Watch.Although it has the new digital crown, there is no information on how this is implemented in Android Wear and we are hoping that it will be used to navigate between settings.

ZenWatch 2 is also the first Android Wear smartwatch to offering users a choice of sizes: you can choose between a 49mm-tall stainless steel case or a 45mm one.ZenWatch 2 is also offering a slew of colors to choose from including Silver, gunmetal, or rose gold and this can be color-matched with a stainless steel strap. With the addition of brightly colored rubber straps and a number of leather options including khaki, the company is offering a total of 18 different combinations of materials and colors for the ZenWatch 2.

There is also a premium edition in partnership with Swarovski, which will feature a gorgeous leather strap with an embossed diamond pattern and tastefully accented with Swarovski crystals.
ZenWatch 2 also comes protected with Gorilla Glass 3 on the display. There is no metion on the pricing and availability as of now.

  • Processor Qualcomm processor
  • Operating System Android Wear
  • Display AMOLED
  • Cover Lens 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Charging Magnet charger cable
  • Water Resistance IP67
  • Body Colors Silver, Gunmetal, Rose-Gold
  • Strap 22mm or 18mm (Rubber, Leather, Metal)
  • Mobile power bank Chargeback (22mm model only)
  • Dimensions 49 x 41mm (WI501Q), 45x37mm (WI502Q)
  • Battery Not yet known

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