Fujifilm recently launched its Instax range of instant cameras and the latest camera to enter this range is the Instax Wide 300. The Instax Wide 300 uses the Instax Wide Film format (Rs. 1,315) to shoot pictures instead of Instax Mini Film. The camera is priced at Rs. 9,500 officially but a quick search reveals that it is already available for much less on e-commerce websites.

The Instax Wide 300 has dimensions of 167.8×94.7×120.9mm and weighs 612 grams without the four AA batteries and the film. It has an optical viewfinder and a handgrip with the shutter release at its top. The retractable lens can focus from 0.9m to 3m in normal mode and from 3m to infinity in landscape mode. The camera has a shutter speed range of 1/64 sec to 1/200 sec.

Fujifilm adds a few interesting features that provide some sort of manual control. For example, you can change exposure compensation of up to 2/3EV (plus or minus) for your photos using the lighten-darken control in the inbuilt LCD. There is also an automatic flash which apparently optimises the luminescence in accordance with the distance. You can also use the flash as fill-in for backlighting.

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