How to Open and Edit a PDF File? A Simple Guide

Did you receive a PDF file that seems impossible to edit or put changes in? Not sure how to open
and edit a PDF file? PDF files are becoming more common nowadays but not everyone knows
how to access and edit them.


Don’t turn around now because you came to the right place.

Editing PDF files can be a very frustrating task if you don’t have the tools or know the right process. In this guide, we offer you a handful of ways on how you can open and edit PDF files without trouble. Keep reading to find out what you need to do to open and edit PDFs.

1. Using Adobe Acrobat 

Let’s begin our list with the most common way of editing a PDF file. Acrobat is a PDF viewer and editor created by Adobe. Note that Adobe Acrobat isn’t the same as the Acrobat Reader.

The Acrobat Reader is the free program, also by Adobe, that lets you only view PDF files. Adobe Acrobat is a paid and more advanced version of Acrobat Reader. It also comes with extra
features for creating, editing, and printing PDF files.

With that said, let’s move on to the process of opening and editing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat. The first thing you need to do is to have Acrobat open. Select File at the upper left corner of the window and click on Open.

Next, a document window will open up where you must select the PDF file you need to edit.
Click on Open and then look for “Edit PDF” at the toolbar on the right side of the screen. Make
the changes to the PDF file and save it.

You can edit the format of the text and images as well. Depending on the version of your Acrobat program, you’ll find the tools for these features in one of two places. You either open
the Tools option first or select the Format and/or Objects options.

2.  How to Open and Edit a PDF With Microsoft Word

Don’t know how to open and edit a PDF with plain old Microsoft Word? In this case, you’ll need
at least the 2013 version of MS Word or later. You must note that not all PDFs get translated into
Word right.

PDF and DOC files are two different things. Thus, using Word to open a PDF file with tables, font effects, or form fill-in features won’t always appear the same way. The best PDF files to edit in Word are text-heavy PDFs with few tables with cell spacing, font effects, and such.

The first step is to open the Microsoft Word program. Next, open the File menu at the top-left corner of the window. Select Open and choose the PDF file you need to edit from the window that pops up.

After you open the PDF file, a small message will pop up on your screen. It’ll tell you that Word will convert your PDF into an editable document. Click okay and rest assured that your PDF file will not change until you save or replace the original file.

Now, you can edit the document and make the changes you need. When you’re finished, open the File menu again, and click on Save. Save it with a PDF file format.

3. How to Edit a PDF With Google Docs

You may already know that Google has a file-hosting service that allows you to store, edit, and view files. Insider reports that Google Drive hosts well over 2 trillion files. A big chunk of those files likely includes important PDF files.

Did you know that you can edit the PDF files via Google Docs? The catch is that you have to upload the file on your Google Drive first. Thus, the first step is to log into your Google account
and open your Google Drive.

Next, click on the plus sign or +New button on the upper left corner of the area. Choose file upload and open the PDF file you want to edit. Once you upload the PDF, it’ll appear on the screen or under ‘Recent’ if you’re viewing My Drive.

Right-click the PDF file you uploaded on Google Drive. Click on the option ‘Open with’ and pick Google Docs. You’ll see a new editable Docs file open, including the content of the PDF. From here, you can edit the PDF however you want. Don’t forget to save it by downloading it as a PDF. You can also share the online document by using the shareable link on Google Docs.

4. Use a PDF Editor to Open and Edit PDFs

There are a lot of online and downloadable PDF editors you can choose from. These are perfect for quick PDF editing. However, you’ll need a stable and fast internet connection, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Some of the best online editors are:

  • Smallpdf
  • Sejda 
  • Formswift
  • PDFescape
  • iSkysoft

Did you know you can also create and edit PDFs in C#? You can use C# PDF libraries like
IronPDF or iTextSharp. 

5. Convert PDF to Word Document Before Editing

Are you more comfortable working on a document rather than a PDF? Do you have an older version of Microsoft Word? You can still edit your PDF on Word, but you’ll need to convert it into a DOC file first.

If you look online, you’ll see there are a handful of PDF converters available. Pick one and upload the PDF you need to convert into a Word file. Note that if a PDF file has password protection, it won’t convert.

Wait for the conversion to finish and then download the new document. Now, you can open the file using Word. If you must send it out as PDF again, you’ll only need to save it in PDF format.

Edit PDF Files With Ease

Editing a PDF doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. It doesn’t have to take too many steps or too long. In a world where everything needs to get done fast, these options offer some of the fastest and best ways to complete the task.

Now you know how to open and edit a PDF. We hope these various ways of opening and editing PDFs help you out. If you want to know more other than ways to edit PDF files, check out our other guides.


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