Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is working on a new, low-cost Android tablet , which is equipped with a seven-inch display. rumors of HTC working on a low-end 7-inch tablet. Codenamed H7, the device is going to follow HTC’s small legacy of tablets, which is comprised by the Flyer, Jetstream, EVO View, and most recently, the Google Nexus 9.
 We now have some new intel on the HTC 7-inch, as the device and its spec sheet appeared in India’s public import-export online database Zauba.
Described as a sample for research and development,HTC H7 to feature a 7-inch display powered  by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor coupled with  1GB of RAM with 16GB of interanal storage, and two SIM slots. Cellular connectivity is still uncommon among cheap tablets. The device will most likely run Android Lollipop, and its per-unit price that’s listed inside the database is around $150. This means the H7 will target a sub-$200 price point upon its eventual release.


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