Reliance Jio has launched JioMotive. It is designed to make regular cars smarter. JioMotive, at just 110g, is easy to install and connects to your car’s OBD port, operating on the Jio Network. You can set geofences for areas like your home or office, receiving instant notifications when your car enters or exits.

It offers vehicle health diagnostics, monitors factors like battery voltage and air intake temperature, alerts you to diagnostic trouble codes, and analyzes your driving behavior to promote safer driving. You can also review your trip history to understand your driving habits. JioMotive features time fencing, enabling you to set specific time frames in the JioThings app. If your car moves during these times, you’ll immediately receive notifications, making it ideal for vacations or personal time when you want your car stationary.

Furthermore, it offers anti-theft, anti-tow, and accident alerts using its 3D gyroscope and accelerometer. You’ll receive instant alerts in such incidents, even if the device is removed from the OBD port. Additionally, JioMotive provides in-car Wi-Fi for up to 8 devices, keeping you and your passengers connected and entertained during your journeys.

JioMotive (2023) 4G GPS Tracker is currently available for a limited time at Rs. 4,999, down from its MRP of Rs. 11,999. You can purchase it on various platforms like and Reliance Digital stores across India. For a limited time, Jio offers a free one-year subscription for JioMotive. After the first year, you can continue using its features for an annual fee of Rs. 599.

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