LG has announced today the new range of slimmer LG Super UHD 4K TV with ColorPrime Technology and WebOS 2.0. This series of TV are available in 55, 65 and 79 inch screen size with starting price of Rs. 2,94,900 /- onwards.

ColorPrime – The new 4K UHD TV range comes with new ColorPrime technology that allows a display to accurately render every color in the spectrum. To let viewers enjoy more vivid colors, ColorPrime technology is applied and users get SUPER UHD with color reproduction over 120% than ordinary UHD. LG’s ColorPrime technology delivers outstanding color performance, increasing color spectrum by upto 20%. Able to produce more hues and shades, SUPER UHD Display makes images more realistic and vibrant.

IPS 4K Display – The sturdy and stable IPS 4K Display of the Super UHD TV offers the most identical color impression to that of the original image with reduced color distortion. It also delivers consistent color from any angle. ULTRA Luminance allows viewers to enjoy more vivid images, which improves brightness by delivering left-over electric currents from dark parts to bright parts and thereby making bright parts even brighter based on LG’s local dimming.

WebOS 2.0 Smart TV – Moving on the smarter pace, LG’s Super UHD range is faster than ever with advanced WebOS 2.0 interface which includes updated features such as My Channel, Input Picker, Quick Settings and Smart Share.  Allowing simpler switching, users can access the Launcher at any time, regardless of the type of content they’re enjoying, and quickly switch to another service, app or broadcast. With intuitive launcher menu users can keep watching their current content while simultaneously searching other contents or apps to enjoy. With the new My Channel option, Users can save favourite ‘Live TV’ channels or setup box channels to the Launcher for quick and easy access. Its new Live Menu takes channel surfing to the next level by helping you find what to watch next while watching the current program.

Magic Motion Remote Control – The new Magic Motion Remote with the adoption of number keys helps in easy switching along with simpler connectivity options. The remote also perfectly acts as a universal remote for easy control of the set top box, Blu-ray player, sound bar & home theatres without the hassles of handling multiple remote. And it retains the earlier convenient features of Point, Click, Wheel and Voice Recognition, which allow for extremely easy use and navigation of the Smart TV.

Ultra Slim Design – The brilliant 4K screen with Colorprime technology is designed in a slimmer size that seamlessly blends in with any home’s décor and suit any home settings.

Ultimate 4K 3D+ – With flicker free image on large sreen, the 4K 3D+ ensures you a more detailed and lifelike experience. The 3D feature enhanced with 4K display provides absolute immersive experienec supported with lightweight, battery-free and inexpensive Cinema 3D Glasses.

Other Features – The 4G LTE enabled TV features Music Catch recording and smart share feature with sound designed by Harmon/Kardon for a complete Audio-Video experience at your home.

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