we already know that Microsoft will be releasing Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL flagship devices running Windows 10 Mobile in the upcoming months. Today, NPU reported some new info regarding these devices. Also, they confirmed that Lumia 840 is also coming.

As per current plans, the branding of flagships will be Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL. Not, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.
  • Lumia 840 will be released before end of this year after the launch of above flagship devices.
  • All three devices will have on-screen buttons instead of capacitive touch buttons.
  • The rumour is supported by others that say Microsoft is set to present a full range of devices this year (from affordable to flagship) to carry it through the next 12 months.

The Lumia 940 is of course said to be a 5.2-inch affair with a hexacore Snapdragon 808 processor with 3 GB of RAM. It will come with 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded via SD card. Camera wise, it is said to have a 20MP triple led rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. The Lumia 940 XL is said to share the same specs with the main difference being a 5.7 inch QHD screen and an octacore Snapdragon 810 processor. Both would support continuum via an accessory, wireless charging, and be slim 7-8 mm devices with polycarbonate construction.The specs for the other devices have not been confirmed to this level of detail yet.

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