As we know Meziu to launch  M1 Note 2  on June 2, today company posted official photo saying   message that June 2 at the Beijing National Convention Center new conference, From the previous rumors, the new product will be issued this Meizu is charm blue Note 2,

Leaked photo shows Meizu Note 2 running Android 5.1
First of all the home button on the Note 2 has been redesigned to be more rounded and more visually appealing than the MX4 Pros rectangle button. Interestingly Meizu had said in the past the reason for the rectangle was to allow the internal fingerprint scanner to be more accurate as it has more surface area to work with. So either this means that the Meizu Note 2 has a new scanner or no fingerprint scanner at all!

Taking a look at the OS itself and it is clear that the fingerprint security menu is missing from the version of Flyme on the Meizu Note 2 while it is visible on the MX4 Pro. We can also see that the Meizu Note 2 is running Flyme based on Android 5.1 Lollipop .

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