Windows 10 Mobile has not even launched yet, but that does not mean futuristic concept designers can not imagineer the next version of the OS already.

Swedish designer Viktor Hammarberg has created the Microsoft Mico, the first handset set to run Windows 11 Mobile (yes, we know that Redstone will probably be called Windows 10 also).

The handset features an edge to edge curved screen HD screen, a new “Every button” that functions as an on and off switch, home button, back button and more, a 15 megapixel rear camera with flash and a Microsoft logo which can also act as a small second screen for notifications or selfies via the main camera.

The Every button, which seems like a Force Touch concept for Windows Phone and which would therefore be built into the screen, not the casing, would work as a Back button when clicked once and a Home button when clicked twice,  a Suspend or Sleep button when held for one second and a Off button when held for 5 seconds. The device would not have any physical buttons at all, with volume adjustment via a slider on the side of the curved screen.

The device also features HD speakers on the top of the handset, with a port for headphones and charging at the bottom (presumably USB-C).

In terms of the UI, the tiles have a subtle 3D element to them and is somewhat iOS influenced, including a Control Panel accessible by swiping up. Unlock would be via holding a circle for 0.8 seconds on the lock screen. The position of the circle can be customized for your hand size and usual holding position. The Home screen would include an area for 3 swippable always-on apps which are like live tiles on steroids, letting you get a lot more done right from the home screen.


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