As reported earlier about four upcoming Lumias in one of our earlier articles and also more about upcoming Lumia 840 in another. Two of the devices we mentioned out of four can have a display size of 5.7-inch. One will be high-end flagship Phablet, which we can refer as Lumia 940 XL and another can belong to upper mid-range and we can refer it as Lumia 740 XL or Lumia 840 XL. Later a mid-ranger Lumia Phablet with 5.7-inch display and product code RM-1085 was seen in Adduplex database.

we have spotted a 5.7-incher Lumia Phablet in Zauba’s records. The entries reveal both Single-Sim and Dual-Sim versions of the Phablet.

it could be a device similar to Lumia 1520 and with much better specs compared to Lumia 640 XL. If I have to trackback to history of announcements, Microsoft has already matched all devices that were announced in last 2 years.

We expect the device to launch soon in india. as there are no details about it yet.


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