Microsoft has just released Windows 10 Build 10162 to Insiders. The latest build introduces a handful of improvements. As the company is coming closer to the Windows 10 RTM release date, the builds will be more stable and include less new features. The latest build doesn’t come with any new feature, however, it focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements. This is the third build Microsoft has released in this week – hinting that the company will soon rename the fast ring to the “Superfast Ring” or “Faster than faster Ring”.

We’re at the point in the development of Windows 10 where nearly every build is getting out to our internal rings, and passing the criteria for release to Windows Insiders. We’re focused at this point on bug fixing and final polish, so it’s much easier for each build to get all the way through than earlier in the cycle when we’re adding big new features. So now we find ourselves in a great situation, with an abundance of build candidates. We’re deciding how long to let each build stay with Windows Insiders so you can really exercise them and send feedback on any problems that you’re hitting. I know many of you have said you’d love daily builds, but it is actually important sometimes to get a few days on a build so that all of the code that does deferred work (like OneDrive sync, search indexing, background updating, etc.) can run and we can get feedback and error reports.

Microsoft also states that Build 10162 has better performance and battery life. It’s a “good candidate” for the Slow ring, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul stated in the blog post 

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