With Data-management and saving application “Opera Max” for Android users, Opera is ready to bring it to the Indian market.

 Opera Max is a free Android app that compresses data from most apps. It shrinks text, image and video so that you use less data than you normally do. Opera Max also doubles up as your one-stop-shop for data management; it keeps track of data used by all apps on your phone and you can control their data consumption with a few taps.

Opera Max basically passes all the unencrypted data coming to your phone regardless of the application or browser through its servers and compresses it. By compressing stuff like videos, photos and other media, the Opera app reduces your overall data consumption, in turn helping you get more out of your normal data plan. Also, it not only works with mobile networks, but also with Wi-Fi connections, so you get savings all around.

In addition to data compression, the Opera Max also keep track of your data usage and identifies the applications, which are using most data or using data in background, so you can prevent some (or all) of them from using your data without your permission.

As your data from applications like Facebook, Gmail, banking apps etc. is encrypted, you don’t have to worry about your privacy or security.

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