Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress Shanghai has introduced  Snapdragon Wear 2500  Platform
 targeted specifically for 4G connected kids watches.

It is aimed at delivering extended battery life, an integrated sensor hub with pre-optimized algorithms, low power location tracking, and the company’s fifth-generation 4G LTE modem, and optimized version of Android for kids. The platform also helps in kids stay in touch with family, learn and grow with access to multimedia content, have fun and play with friends, and stay fit and active throughout the day. It is designed to consume low power with up to 14% longer battery life across both active and standby modes of operation compared to prior generations. This is made possible thanks to several new additions including Wearable PMIC, RF Front End (RFFE), location engine, Bluetooth streaming architecture, and processor and modem software optimizations.

The new Wearable PMIC is designed to reduce Rock Bottom Sleep Current (RBSC) by up to 14%. The new Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based RF PAs are designed to consume up to 20% lower peak power compared to their predecessors. It is globally certified the fifth generation 4G LTE multi-mode modem. It supports more accurate location tracking and is also an optimized version of Android for kid watches based on Android O. It fits in a 512MB memory footprint and packs kid-specific features.

It is based on Quad-Core A7 CPUs and an Adreno-class graphics engine. It also supports a five-megapixel camera and incorporates Qualcomm Voice Activation and supports popular AI-based voice assistants. The platform also integrates NXP’s next-generation highly secure NFC solution. Qualcomm has also announced that it is collaborating with Huawei as the lead customer for the Snapdragon Wear 2500 platform and is working closely with InvenSense, Inc. to extend the choice of sensor algorithms.


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