Redmi Note 12, Note 12 Pro, Note 12 Pro Plus Tips & Tricks

Redmi has launched Redmi Note 11 series smartphones in India with MIUI 13 based on Android 12. Here are Redmi Note 12, Note 12 Pro Tips & Tricks 

Always-on Display: To enable Always-on display Go to your settings – Always-on display & Lock screen- Always-on Display & turn on the Toggle next to the Always-on Display option. It displays for 10 seconds when you tap on the screen you can also customize your Always on Display like setting text, analog & digital clock, etc as your Always-on display.
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Notification Effect:  Go to your settings – Always-on display & Lock screen- Notification Effect, It lights up when you get a notification.
Double-tap to wake up:  Go to your settings – Always-on display & Lock screen- enable double-tap to wake up or turn off screen also Raise to wake 
Side Bar: Go to settings -Special features – floating windows – Sidebar- u can enable Always show which let u select Apps from the sidebar which opens in a floating window.
New Control center: This lets you control volume from the notification panel, option for direct google play shortcut, direct Wifi tethering 
Play Videos in the background: Go to settings -Special features – floating windows – Sidebar- Video Apps that let u play videos in the background like youtube premium also with a video tool box u can record videos. 
Floating window: Go to Settings – Special features – Floating window – Press & Hold and pull down a notification to open it in the floating window u can select a floating window from recently used apps

Second Space:  To enable Go to Settings – Special features – Second space, With this, you can use one for office one for personal use. you can also delete the second space.
Glance for Mi: Display images on the lock screen, u can select images from different categories. 
Launch camera  – double press the Power button or Double press the volume button to open the camera when the screen is locked, enable Go to settings- additional settings- Gesture & shortcuts
Sunlight mode: Go to settings – Display – brightness level -Sunlight mode
How to change Text/ Font Size: Go to setting- Display- Text Size- Select the text size you want.
Dark mode: Go to your settings – display- Dark mode. You can also enable it from the control center. After enabling it, you’ll get a dark shade in the control center & your wallpaper shade will also get dark. If you open any app then you will get the pitch-black dark mode in the background.
Change Screen refresh rate: Go to your settings – display- refresh rate. default screen refresh rate is set up at  60Hz.
Enable Vibrate on touch / Dail pad touch tone: Go to Settings-Sound & Vibration-Sound effects – Vibrate o tap/ while ringing. Dail Pad touch tone.
Display App Vault – Go to settings- home screen  -1 screen- select none
App Drawer – Go to settings- home screen – home screen enable App Drawer
System Navigation  Go to settings – Home Screen- System Navigation select buttons u can mirror buttons or Gestures  Swipe up from the bottom of the screen go to the home screen, swipe up from the bottom open recent, swipe left or right from edge to go back. swipe left or right to switch between apps
Change Icon size/ Home Screen layout:  Go to Settings – Home Screen – Change Icon size/ Home Screen layout
Recent panel display: Display recently used apps vertically or Horizontally. Go to Settings – Home Screen Arrange Items in Recents. 

Show System status: Settings – Home screen & Recents – Show memory status option.

WiFi calling: Go to settings- SIM card & mobile networks- SIM, here scroll down & you will get the wifi calling option.

Memory extension: Go to settings-additional settings- memory extension. Now turn on its toggle. It uses your internal storage so if you lacking in storage then you can turn it off.
Scrolling Screenshot:  Go to settings- additional settings- Gesture & shortcuts –  When u capture a normal screen there is an option for a scroll that let u capture long screenshots. There is an option for a Partial screenshot Press & Hold with 3 fingers to capture a screenshot

Enable Connection speed: Go to settings- Notification & Control center  – Status bar- Show Connection speed
Show Carrier Name: Go to settings- Notification & Control center  – Status bar- Show Carrier Name
Display Battery Percentage: Go to settings- Notification & Control center  – Battery Indicator
Show System status: Go to Settings – Home Screen – Show memory status
Fingerprint Scanner Setup:  Go to Settings – Passwords & security- fingerprint unlock, can add up to 5 fingerprints 
Double Tap fingerprint sensor:  Go to settings- additional settings- Gesture & shortcuts – Double Tap fingerprint sensor – select supported app to open, once u double tap on the fingerprint sensor App gets open
Face Unlock: Go to Settings – Passwords & security- Face Unlock, Can add two face data.
Battery Saver: Go to Settings – Battery- settings- Battery saver/ Ultra battery saver
App Lock: Go to Settings – Apps – App lock. Used lock apps can be unlocked with a fingerprint scanner/ face unlock. 
Dual Apps: Go to Settings – Apps – Dual Apps
Screen Recorder – u can enable the screen recorder from the notification panel. 
One-Handed mode: Go to Settings – Additional settings – One-hand mode. Swipe left or right from the home button to pull the screen closer to one side.
Clean your speakers:  Go to Settings-Additional Settings- Enable the Clean Speaker slider.
Hide Apps: Go to Security – Hidden apps – enable Apps which u want to hide
Factory Reset: Settings-About Phone- Factory reset  


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