True Software, the company behind the popular Truecaller app, has just launched a new application called Truemessenger. As you might expect from the name, this is a messenger application that hopes to do for SMS what Truecaller did for calls.

The Truemessenger app was launched on the Play Store on Tuesday and like company’s other apps Truecaller and Truedialler, Truemessenger is also a free application. It verifies your phone number using an SMS, and once that is done, you’re in.

Like other SMS apps, Truemessenger shows you a list of all the messages you’ve received, and starts identifying the senders of messages – the people whose names are stored in your contacts app are displayed normally, while the unsaved numbers are also replaced in just a few moments by the names of senders, complete with pictures where available. The only distinguishing feature is a tiny “True” badge at the bottom corner of the picture.

Recognising the names of senders took only seconds, and new messages from unknown numbers are also identified near instantly – which makes sense considering that’s how the Truecaller app also works.

Other than this one feature, the Truemessenger app looks like a decent SMS application, but nothing very out of the ordinary. There are two main screens – inbox and spam – that you can switch between thanks to buttons at the bottom of the screen, and you can easily mark senders as spam so you won’t see messages from them again in your inbox.

Like other messaging apps on Android, you can also set Truemessenger as the default SMS app, and the app prompts you to do just that on first launch. You can of course use the app without doing that as well.

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