In the modern, fast-paced world that we live in, it’s all about being effective; in terms of performance, cost as well as time. At this juncture, it’s impractical for employees to communicate with each other or with their clients and customers over the traditional, analog phone lines when there is a much easier, faster and inexpensive option!

Which Businesses Are Benefiting from VoIP in the USA?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or IP telephony is the method (as well as the technology), through which voice and multimedia communications can be transmitted through Internet Protocol networks, like the Internet.

How does it work?
Calls between business phone numbers can be connected automatically and seamlessly between phones and computers, located in different parts of the world, using a high-speed, high-bandwidth digital network. The subscribers are provided with virtual phone number that they can use to connect the calls.
This not only saves loads of money and improves the call quality, but also provides companies with the option to implement different, useful features into their workflow.
The advantages are as numerous as they are diverse. But here, we highlight the essential points:
     You can reduce your business’s local call expenses by up to 40% & up to 90% for international calls.
     A US Virtual Phone Number can also reduce your startups’ communication-related costs by up to 90%, by providing industry-specific features for your business phone numbers.
     Bonus: This saves your customers’ time by sending them directly to the correct representative without having to hold. This certainly boosts your brand value and ups sales at a faster pace.

Why should you opt for VoIP?

Apart from the cost, speed and convenience factors, a large number of businesses in the US have opted for VoIP’s virtual phone numbers for the special features that come with them. Being able to make free internal calls to co-workers and employees may certainly seem enticing, but for some businesses that depend primarily on making national, international calls, VoIP has become a necessity.
 Is it suitable for your business?
Many industries and sectors have benefited from the effective use of VoIP. Don’t get left behind; opt for VoIP and save on time, resources and money.

1. Customer Service
Almost all companies need a customer service department to be effective. And this is a department that needs to be, as they say, just a call away, to resolve issues and offer customized solutions to their customers. That is why most call centers use VoIP to reduce call charges and ensure the customers can reach the right section instantly.
VoIP also offers them a live call monitoring feature to train new executives and data collection facility to measure individual performance.

2. Hospitality Industry (includes Hotels & Travel Agencies)

How is VoIP a profitable solution for Hospitality Industry?
Hotels and travel agencies are two of the most effective users of VoIP services. Hotels using virtual phone numbers allow guests are coming in from all over the world as well as their employees to make both national and international calls at a much cheaper rate.
Besides, certain features available with VoIP services designed for the hospitality industry, like extension dialing to specific rooms and departments, auto attendant facility, and automatic call record service, have made work simpler for those associated with this industry.
Travel agencies also have benefited from this service, with personalized features like call forwards, individual text messages to loyal customers, and music on hold.

3. Ecommerce

VoIP designed for the e-commerce industry in the US provides call record facility, auto attendant to route calls to a free executive, and mobile-friendly features for smooth mobile experience with their VoIP business phone numbers.Besides, they also integrate a customer relationship management system that allows executives to pull up customer details on their screen while speaking to them.

4. Logistics

Executives can keep track of everything in real time. VoIP’s auto attendant option and call-on-hold features have made business smoother, and the system’s cost-effectiveness has operations cheaper for this industry.

5. Healthcare Institutions

VoIP designed for the healthcare industry offer personalized features to its clients similar to the hospitality industry, like virtual receptionist, voicemail transcription and paperless fax.

Other industries that effectively utilize VoIP include

  1. Information Technology Companies
  2. Financial & Insurance Services
  3. Real Estate Industry
  4. Education Institutions
  5. Legal Services
  6. Other Consulting Services

A Complete Solution

With VoIP technology, you can use the power of the Internet to reduce your business phone call charges. But with the right VoIP service provider, you can also get special, personalized solutions, with customized features to suit your specific needs. Personalized VoIP is also available at small budgetsTo avail them, get our VoIP phone system today! Chat with our Customer Support Team online to know more about our unique features for your business. 


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