Xiaomi  Mi Band and Mi 16,000mAh power bank will be available to buy today at 2PM on company’s website  company has announced that it will also make available Mi Band straps in various colors for Rs 199.

The Mi Band straps are available in pink, orange, sea green, green and blue. If you do not want the plain black band that comes as a default with the Mi Band, you can opt to purchase one of the colorful straps separately.

Xiaomi is also selling the 16,000mAh power bank for the first time today . It will be available on the company website at 2PM, and is priced at Rs 1,399. On the specification front, the 16,000mAh power bank is a dual USB ports featuring a Li-ion battery cells encased in a sleek aluminum casing. The company guarantees that the 16,000mAh power bank can fully charge a Redmi Note 4G almost 3.5 times; an iPhone 6 almost five times; and an iPad mini almost 2.5 times.

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