Xiaomi Mi A1 is an Android One Smartphone which runs on Stock Android. Xiaomi Phones comes with MIUI and has more customization. Here are of Tips and Tricks which can be used with Mi A1 also Pros and Cons of the Device.

As said Mi A1 runs on Stock Android 7.1.2 Nougat this Features can be used on Any Phone running on Stock Android.

How to Enable  System UI tuner?
To Enable the System UI tuner, long press the settings icon and it will enable the System UI tuner. Go to settings and here at the bottom, you find the system UI tuner. You can do many tweaks with system UI tuner.

How to show battery percentage on Menu Bar?
Go to Setting- System UI Tuner-Battery- Always Show Percentage

How to Change Time Icon On Menu Bar?
Go to Setting- System UI Tuner-Time- Shows Hours-min-Seconds or Don’t Show icon

How to Enable Home Screen Rotation?
Click on Display- Setting- Allow Home Screen Rotation.

Enable or Disable Swipe  to show Google App
Click on Display- Setting- Swipe to show- None or Google App

How to Change Wallpaper?
Setting -Display- Wallpaper

How to Open Camera App faster or Double Click To Open camera?
Double Click on Power button opens camera to enable this go to setting-Gestures- Jump to camera which let you Quickly Open Camera Press Power button twice.

How to Enable Hotspot on Mi A1?
Setting- More-tethering & enable portable hotspot-Enable  portable WLAN hotspot

How to take Screen Shot on Mi A1?
Press Volume Down+ Power button at the Same Time.

How to use Cast screen on Mi A1?
Settings -> Display -> Cast screen. At the same time, check that your local Wi-Fi network is already enabled.

How to Enable Ambient Display on Mi A1?
Go to Settings- Display- Enable Ambient Display which shows notification when Screen is locked

How to Change Fonts on Mi A1?
Go to Settings- Display-Font Size

How to Block Notifications of App?
Go to Settings- Notifications-Select which App Notification you want to block

How to enable Multi-window mode?
you can select another app from your recent apps list to occupy the other half. To exit, simply drag the resize bar all the way up or down, or tap and hold the recent apps button again.

How to enable Vibrate for Phone calls?
Go to setting -sound- enable also vibrate for calls

How to enable Sounds for Screen Lock, Charging, Touch sounds and more?
Go to setting -sound- enable other sounds

How to Set Custom Ringtone?
Go to Setting -Phone ringtone-u need to use File manager app-than select tone which u want to use

How to Disable Dail Pad tones, Screen Lock Sound?
Go to setting -sound-other sounds- Disable Dail Pad tones, Screen Lock Sound and More

How to Enable Battery Saver?
swipe down notification panel, select battery enable battery saver can also enable by going to setting- Battery -Battery Saver

How to lock/ unlock Apps using the Fingerprint scanner on On Mi A1?

How to add more accounts on On Mi A1?
Go to Setting- Accounts -Add Account

How to Guest account on Mi A1?
Go to Setting-Users- Enable Guest profile

How to Enable Screen Pinning?
Go to Setting -Security- Screen Pinning

How to use IR Blaster on Mi A1?
Open the Mi Remote app on your Xiaomi device featuring an IR blaster.  Tap the Add remote option and select the category of the device that you would like to add. press the on-screen button. Keep the button pressed until your device responds as the app will automatically cycle through the various IR codes. As a form of feedback, your phone will vibrate slightly when it sends a command over the IR blaster. Once the device in question responds, make sure to leave the on-screen button.follow the setup and then you can control your electronics items with your phone

How to enable Switch for Notifications Gesture?
Go to Setting-Gesture- Enable Swipe for Notifications

How to Backup and Rest Mi A1?
Go to setting -Backup & Reset – Factory Data Reset

Charging Time Test

OTG Support


Design & Built
Stock Android
Audio Output
Dual Camera


No Fast Charge
Average Low light camera
No Dedicated MicroSD Card Slot


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