Acer  launched a Windows Phone handset in March, the Liquid M220. The Taiwanese firm, which is better known for its PC and laptop devices, will reportedly launch nothing less than four new Windows 10 Mobile handsets later this year.
Acer is set to announce the four new devices at the upcoming IFA 2015 this year, which is to take place from 4 September to 9 September, tipped a Twitter post made by Roland Quandt  from WinFuture, a German website, on Wednesday. While the post failed to reveal any of the innards of the devices, it is expected these four rumoured handsets would run Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile.

Acer would launch entry-level offerings like the Liquid M220, or introduce mid-range and high-end Window 10 Mobile handsets as well. It is worth mentioning that Acer, at the time of the launch of its Liquid M220, announced that the device would be upgradeable to Windows 10.

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