Intex has launched its first 50-inch full-HD LED television set, the LED-5000FHD, at Rs. 49,000. Intex has traditionally stuck to the small TV market, and the launch of this 50-inch television marks the brand’s entry into the large TV segment.

 5000FHD features a 1920×1080 pixel screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The TV also features Eye Safe T Matrix technology, which is said to improve smoothness in the picture and reduce viewing fatigue.

A key feature of the new Intex LED-5000FHD is its low response time of 9.2ms. Response time represents the amount of time it takes for one pixel to go from active (black) to inactive (white) and back to black again. High response times can cause motion blurring and smearing in the picture, so a low response time represents a smoother picture. However, the response time is still considerably higher than manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung, which offer televisions with response times lower than 5ms. The Intex 5000FHD also features an assortment of connectivity options, with one RF, two HDMI, two AV in, one AV out, two USB, YPbP, VGA, PC audio in and headphone out.

The Intex LED-5000FHD is available now through the company’s network of retail stores and multi-brand hypermarkets. Intex has been a major player in India since its launch in 1996, and specialises in TVs, mobile phones and IT durables.

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