LG Chemical has come up with the world’s first hexagonal battery and are already shipping it to globally to different brands to help them in their smartwatch businesses.

The hexagonal battery will be used in upcoming smartwatches and was developed in co-operation with another top tier company although LG hasn’t stated which company that is. The batteries are manufactured in Nanjing, China and offer a 25% increase in storage over the regular rectangular shaped counterparts.

This means that manufacturers will be able to fit higher powered batteries into devices/smartwatches of the same size which is very beneficial to the end user. Company spokesman Woo Byeong-min said:
“The development will help users have four hours more for their smart watch,”

LG has patented the batteries which it calls “Free Form Batteries” with “Stack and Folding Technology”. LG has always been a pioneer when it comes to experimenting and introducing new battery technology especially the curved ones that appeared on the LG G Flex and G Flex 2.

They also plan to introduce various different battery shapes including an L shaped one or a rectangular one with a hole in the middle. This will also allow manufacturers to be more adventurous in terms of their devices design and LG predicts that it will become the top supplier of small sized batteries by 2018.

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