So here is concept of Microsoft Lumia 2000 which will runing windows 10 out of box.The concept is created by Jonas Kvale, who believes that the Lumia 2000 should be made of aluminum. He also envisions a 16K gold version that would probably appeal to the rich and powerful.

Unlike other concept phone designers, he doesn’t leave us wondering when it comes to specifications. The reveal the Lumia 2000 should arrive with a 5-inch full HD display,coupled with  2GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage, but there’s no mention of a microSD card slot. The designer doesn’t really say if this is the case, but it appears that the Lumia 2000 might benefit from a USB Type-C port.and the phone would also pack a 16MP camera with dual LED flash and a pretty advanced 8MP selfie shooter up in front.

The Lumia 2000 has a very sleek design but still retains the bezels on the display, unlike the Nokia 888, which boasts an edge-to-edge display and an interesting see-through home button..

Microsoft has already confirmed that two flagships and two-mid rangers are coming later this year. The company hasn’t provided any specific dates, but the event is probably bound to happen towards the end of 2015, when Windows 10 actually gets the green light.


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