Microsoft-Lenovo today announced a partnership that delivers exclusive, enhanced Cortana experience for Lenovo Windows devices. Pair REACHit and Cortana to power an astonishing array of features. Cortana learns your world and can do more amazing things for you, it works even if your content lives on another Windows 10 device – or in the cloud.

When you ask Cortana and REACHit to help you find a file, Cortana will search based on specific things you remember about the last time you saw it, like:

Where you were
Who sent it to you
What device you were on
Where it’s stored
What it’s called
When you last opened it
What kind of file it is
Who you were with

By using Cortana and REACHit on Windows 10 PCs or Tablets, you can use voice or text input to find files stored in the cloud, devices, and even individual emails. You can use natural language like ‘find the photos I took at Jane’s wedding’,and REACHit will use metadata like file-type, keywords, dates and locations to produce the most relevant results. Users in the US and China can sign up now to join the REACHit for Windows 10 Beta program that starts when Cortana and Windows 10 are available this Summer. Public access to Cortana and REACHit will begin in the Fall. Sign-up here.

You can search for files and emails stored on:
Any Lenovo device running Windows 10
Cloud accounts: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, IMAP
And you can also search for files you may have looked at or created during meetings on your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Exchange Calendar.


Cortana and REACHit will be available as a beta when Windows 10 launches later this summer. More information can be found at: It will be generally available for download in the fall.a

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