The Build 10136 also brings the control over background apps and notifications back and some enhancements as well.

  • Notifications UI has changed and it is now all toggles to control what notifications you want. Settings–>System–>Notifications & Actions.
  • The Battery Saver settings has got the options to control background apps back. Go to Settings–>System–>Battery Saver
  • Tap on Battery use and you will be able to see all the apps that run in background. Tapping on any app takes you to detailed settings, where you can chose whether the app runs in background or even when Battery Saver is on
Tap on Battery saver settings and you will be taken to the second screenshot below, where you can also allow push notifications from apps when the Battery Saver is on and you can also add apps that can run in background when battery saver is on. So this is an alternate way to add or control app that runs in background when battery saver is on.

The third screenshot below can be accessed from privacy settings. Settings—>Privacy–>Background apps. So one more place to control which apps run in background. Microsoft may streamline the whole process in coming builds we think.

Export contacts to SIM option has arrived with this build
Mobile & SIM settings app has been redesigned and sports a new UI
It comes with a 3G only option
WiFI toggle can be now switched on and off in action center to allow or stop WiFi connection. Long press on WiFi action button reveals the WiFi settings.

Update Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 brings native GIF support & a cool gallery tip

It seems ability to play GIF files natively comes with Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136. Not sure whether it was possible with earlier Windows 10 Mobile builds but it seems Windows Phone 8.1 was not able to handle GIF images natively. Not only GIFs appear in the “Photos” app now, but animations also play when you open the GIF image by tapping on them. You can also share the GIFs via mail and messaging and also play GIFs received via mail and messaging.


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