Xiaomi recently announced  that they have  sold over 6 million Xiaomi Mi Bands in the market. Now it looks like a new Xiaomi band is one its way. The current Mi Band was released in July last year, so Earlier today, a new leak revealed the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in picture.

According to the picture leaked, there will be some major differences in the new band. It will feature a touchscreen display which means most of the information could be directly shown on the screen. This could also mean less reliance on the connected smartphone. expected to feature sleep tracking, calorie counter, alarm clock and a lot other fitness centric features. However, now that the Mi Band 2 is rumored to come with touch screen display, don’t expect to get anywhere near the 30 day battery life.

This is just leaked image yet we have wait for more offical info on it. Xiaomi is also rummoed to be working on smartwatch.


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